April 2016

Spirituality and You: Sacred Ground

Monday, April 25, 2016

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There are certain places in this world that I truly consider to be sacred. One of those places is a healthcare facility. Whether it is called a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, or hospice is irrelevant. In that moment, when someone needs to be cared for and healed, it is a sacred one. One that healthcare providers should never take for granted.

Sacred Ground

This is where healing takes place.

This is where caring takes place.

This is where the ultimate expression of hospitality takes place.

Everything I say and do should declare that “I see you…I honor you…and you have unconditional worthiness”.

Let there be no gossip.

Let there be no negativity.

Let us only lift each other up, as we lift up those we take care of.

Let us be grateful that there are people who entrust us with their health.

People who need us and depend on us.

May we never take that for granted or grow complacent.

This ground is not sacred because of my degrees, or certifications, or expertise.

It is sacred because “caring” happens here. Healing happens here. Love happens here.

From this day forward, I will consistently put the “care” in healthcare, as I care for my patients, care for my colleagues, and care for myself.

As long as I have breath, I will do everything I can to keep this ground sacred.

-Bryan K. Williams

Jennings seeks hospice volunteers

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Jennings is currently seeking volunteers to support individuals receiving support through Jennings Hospice. Hospice volunteers, as members of the hospice interdisciplinary team, provide specialized care and compassion with focus on comfort, supportive care and enhancement of the quality of life.

Jennings currently has four volunteer positions available. If you are interested in volunteering with Jennings Hospice, please contact Lindsay Patyak, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, at (216) 581-2900.

Patient Care Volunteer

This volunteer position is for a licensed STNA or nurse who would like to volunteer their time to provide companionship and basic nursing care to an individual.  Some tasks include companionship for both family members and individuals utilizing hospice, respite for family members, transportation, vigil support, and basic nursing care.  This position is meant to be a calming presence for families, and a person in this position must be willing to sit and listen with family members and patients.

Companion/Vigil Volunteer

This position is for an unlicensed individual who would like to volunteer their time to only provide companionship to an individual and their family members.  An individual desiring this position would need to be a calming presence for family members, and be willing to sit and listen with family members and patients.  A vigil volunteer would sit with a patient when death was imminent, and give respite to families so they knew their loved one was not alone.

Bereavement Volunteer

This position is for an individual who would like to assist families after their loved ones have passed on.  An individual in this position would assist low-risk families by making phone calls and helping with bereavement mailings.  They also may assist with different support groups that the bereavement coordinator would lead.

Administrative Volunteer

This position is for an individual who would like to help in the hospice offices.  Tasks include assembling paperwork, bulk mailings, and some general clerical work such as writing thank you notes, record keeping, typing, and copying.  An administrative volunteer may also assist with special events that the hospice is hosting.

Spirituality and You: Lucky

Monday, April 18, 2016

Life can be like one of those face-vase optical illusions: Do you see two faces looking at each other or the vase in between? Change your perspective and everything looks different. Seeing your life with fresh eyes and appreciating what you have, rather than what you lack or want, is a good recipe for happiness. [more…]

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Couples retreat shows marital devotion

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Participants in the couples retreat had a joyous, loving and emotional experience. What unbelievable devotion these couples have, and they set an incredible example to us. In the morning, Mary Lou Beers (St. Mary Magdalene Parish) presented and shared her heart-touching story, engaging the couples in discussion. Following lunch, there was more sharing between the [more…]

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Technology is fun for bird watchers

Thursday, April 7, 2016

We’re bird watching in Washington, D.C.! Well, in a way. A pair of bald eagles chose an idyllic nest in our nation’s capital, and we’re keeping an eye on these babies by dialing into the DC Eagle Cam with our distance learning equipment. We’re able to see everything in the nest on the big screen, watch [more…]

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Cheering for a win in the Indians Home Opener

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It was too cold for our beloved baseball team to play the regularly scheduled home opener yesterday, but we were supporting them today. Our own cheering section was cozied up to watch as the season begins. Go Tribe!

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