September 2019

Living with pain and limited mobility are two challenges that often feel like barriers to enjoying life. While individuals generally think of physical therapy to get stronger after a hospitalization or in a rehabilitation setting, it can be part of a complete wellness plan. Physical therapy can improve mobility, manage pain and other chronic conditions, help recover from injury, and prevent future injury and chronic disease.

“Sometimes pain and mobility limit a person’s experience even in his or her own home,” says Sarah Barger, Administrator at Jennings at Brecksville. “That can cause someone to use a very limited part of the home, creating feelings of being isolated and trapped. We sometimes suggest a physical therapy evaluation for a person who might benefit from it, because we’ve seen several individuals improve their mobility and endurance which truly improves daily life.”

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) offers the following tips to remain active and independent as you age:

  1. Stay fit. Whether you participate in regular exercise or just want to stay fit for daily activities, exercise is proven to help improve balance, strengthen bones, and prevent heart and brain conditions. Strength training and aerobic exercise can help you maintain and strengthen critical muscle groups.
  2. Stay balanced. Maintaining balance and avoiding falls are important for maintaining a quality of life. A physical therapist can plan activities and exercises to improve your balance with the goal of preventing falls.
  3. Assessing the area. A physical therapist can make recommendations that make your home and other environments safer. They suggest eliminating dangerous barriers; for example remove throw rugs and clutter or modify entry thresholds with ramps.
  4. Stay engaged. Successful aging is not only impacted by your environment, but also how you interact with the environment. To ensure active and successful aging, continue to engage with friends, family, and the community, which prevents the fear and isolation that may increase fall risks.

Visit for more tips about physical therapy and improved mobility.

by Lisa Brazytis, Chief Marketing Officer at Jennings

Jennings was honored to be recognized at ERC’s annual NorthCoast 99 event September 11, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel in Cleveland. Jennings’ staff members enjoyed an inspiring superhero themed celebration among other #NC99 employers. In addition to our 2019 NorthCoast 99 win, Jennings President and CEO Allison Q. Salopeck accepted our Special Category Award for Employee Engagement and Development! We are proud of our exceptional, compassionate staff who are the “everyday heroes” at Jennings.

Jennings Northcoast 99 award

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As Allison accepted our special category award for staff engagement and development, she acknowledged the work of the entire Jennings family and the difference that our staff makes every day. “Each of us is lucky enough to have a career that loves us back each and every day,” she stated.

What a true honor to receive this award, which aligns with one of our Jennings values: Discovery of Potential. As you’ll hear in Allison’s acceptance speech, these Jennings initiatives are powerful ways we make a difference to individuals and in our world.

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