Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at Jennings. We welcome you to share your time and talents. We are seeking volunteers for the following opportunities, or feel free to contact Director of Life Enrichment Danielle Paluscsak for more customized opportunities.

Volunteer packets

Please download and complete a volunteer packet if you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteer opportunities:

Patient Care Volunteer for Jennings Hospice

This volunteer position is for a licensed STNA or nurse who would like to volunteer their time to provide companionship and basic nursing care to an individual.  Some tasks include companionship for both family members and individuals utilizing hospice, respite for family members, transportation, vigil support, and basic nursing care.  This position is meant to be a calming presence for families, and a person in this position must be willing to sit and listen with family members and patients.

Companion/Vigil Volunteer for Jennings Hospice

This position is for an unlicensed individual who would like to volunteer their time to only provide companionship to an individual and their family members.  An individual desiring this position would need to be a calming presence for family members, and be willing to sit and listen with family members and patients.  A vigil volunteer would sit with a patient when death was imminent, and give respite to families so they knew their loved one was not alone.

Bereavement Volunteer for Jennings Hospice

This position is for an individual who would like to assist families after their loved ones have passed on.  An individual in this position would assist low-risk families by making phone calls and helping with bereavement mailings.  They also may assist with different support groups that the bereavement coordinator would lead.

Administrative Volunteer for Jennings Hospice

This position is for an individual who would like to help in the hospice offices.  Tasks include assembling paperwork, bulk mailings, and some general clerical work such as writing thank you notes, record keeping, typing, and copying.  An administrative volunteer may also assist with special events that the hospice is hosting.

Gift Shoppe Volunteer

For this opportunity, volunteers work in our Gift Shoppe on campus.  It includes interaction with residents, staff members and visitors on a regular basis.  It also involves some pricing of items and simple cash out procedures of customers’ purchases.

Library Club Leader

Volunteer would work with residents helping them to take out books from local libraries. The volunteer would come in to Jennings two or more times a month to work with the residents on helping to get them material that they are interested in.

Weekly Cookie Baker

Volunteer will spend Tuesday mornings with a few residents baking cookies. Jennings’ Resident Council members then sell the cookies later in the day to raise money for the council. The volunteer will need to work with and help to direct residents in the baking of these cookies and may need to help sell them when needed.

Appointment Assistant

Volunteers will work in Jennings’ Wellness Center, Beauty Shop, or therapy department and help to assist residents from their rooms to their appointments at the appropriate times. With this opportunity comes a lot of interaction with individual residents and walking throughout our campus.

Morning Shoppers

The volunteer will go on shopping trips with the residents and assist them in finding products they are interested in. The volunteer will help carry products and enhance the overall shopping experience for residents.