Advent 2012

Many of us are familiar with, the website that enables us to research our personal history or geneology. The custom of the Jesse Tree is a way of remembering the spiritual lineage of Jesus through stories of the Old Testament which recount Salvation History. As we look at each of these stories throughout Advent, we trace the prototypes of the Messiah – the figures in the Hebrew Scriptures who gave hints of what the promised Savior would be like. Cut out the Jesse Tree symbols and color them if you wish. Each is numbered so that you can hang them in order. Punch a hole in each symbol and use an ornament hook, string or ribbon to attach the ornament to an artificial tree or a dead bare tree branch secured in a pot of dirt. Read the Chapters from Scripture which tell the story behind the ornament if you have time, or read the short description on this paper with the prayer related to it as you hang your ornaments each day of Advent. This practice may be done in the morning to begin your day, or in the evening as a time of reflection, perhaps with your family before supper or when you light the Advent wreath.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Solomon was David’s son who succeeded him as King of Israel.  He was known as the wisest of men and was sought by the rulers of other nations to give them guidance.  God told Solomon that he could ask for anything as a reward for his goodness.  Instead of asking for wealth or power, Solomon [more…]

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Saul was told by God to go to Jesse’s house and to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as King.  As each young man appeared before him, Saul would judge by outward appearance and think the one before him was God’s chosen.  But God told Saul:  “You are judging by appearance.  I read the heart.”  Finally, [more…]

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Probably one of the most famous calls in Scripture is the call of Samuel.  Asleep in his tent near Eli the prophet, Samuel hears a voice calling him in the night.  Thinking it is Eli calling for his help, he promptly replies.  After several episodes of call and response, Eli realizes that it is God’s [more…]

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One of the most beautiful love stories in Scripture is the story of David’s great-grandmother Ruth.  The words of the story are often used for weddings, “Wither thou goest I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge.  Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.”  Although the beginning [more…]

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some of us are familiar with the African American folk song:  “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”.  It tells the story of how the Israelites brought down the walls of the city of Jericho by blowing their ram’s horns simultaneously at Joshua’s signal.  The vibration of all of the horns being blown at the same [more…]

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