Annual Fund Campaign

“We must reawaken our collective sense of gratitude, appreciation and hospitality, helping the elderly know they are a living part of their communities.” –Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States reminds us that we are called to serve others. Our forward-thinking founder, Monsignor Gilbert P. Jennings, challenged the Sisters of the Holy Spirit to “awaken” a new way to care for older adults. Together they began our Jennings story… story of service to others.

The Jennings story has been strengthened by many who have helped pen it, and the theme of our story—our mission, our call to serve—remains steadfast. Jennings has a tangible financial impact in Northeast Ohio, through rate-restricted services and unreimbursed charitable care. Jennings ensures that dignity and quality care are available to everyone, including those whose limited means would otherwise offer them fewer choices. In 2014, Jennings provided over
$2.6 million in unreimbursed care.

As we write our next chapter, Jennings carries on this important work and continually increases the number of people we serve. It is our privilege to minister with loving hearts as we provide a caring and supportive community in which adults are able to discover their potential and celebrate life.

We are called to serve an ever-growing population of older adults with the same quality and compassion that was provided to previous generations. You can ensure that older adults continue to engage and live in community. Take part in helping us write the next chapter by making a contribution to the Annual Fund. Contributions to the Jennings Annual Fund helps to bridge the substantial financial gap between the cost of care, programs and services and the funding provided by Medicaid reimbursements.  Even the smallest gift makes a difference.

Please be assured that your gift makes a difference for older persons to live their lives knowing they are appreciated and receiving services with dignity. You can make your gift securely online by using the form at right, or contact the Jennings development office at 216-581-2900, ext. 2327.

If you prefer a printed form to accompany your mailed contribution, please call the development office at 216-581-2902, ext. 2327.