Pandemic Support

“How can I help?”

These four words may seem like a simple phrase but over the last 78 years and even more so now, we at Jennings have come to understand how powerful they can be. When a global pandemic shifted our world and the way we deliver care, our response was bolstered by the courage and love exemplified by those who came before us. We are here to help our residents, our staff members, the families we serve and the greater community around us. We are here to help our brothers and sisters who would not otherwise be able to provide for themselves.

The most encouraging thing we’ve found through all of this is that YOU are doing the same for us. Asking how you can help. Many are already in action – sending cards to uplift residents, praying for frontline staff members, connecting us to vital resources for the supplies we need and much more.

We are so grateful for all the love and kindness surrounding us as we work to keep everyone safe during this unprecedented time.

Click to support Jennings residents and staff.

As an organization and as a nation, we have had to make difficult decisions and learn at a rapid pace. We know this is especially difficult for residents and families; our amazing staff shares this weight. But when we turn to Jennings’ values – respect, community, compassion, discovery of potential and celebration of life – please know that we remain committed to these tenets of our mission for those we serve. In this time, we are aware that we belong to each other…as community and as family. We may not be able to do large great things right now, but we can – and will – do small things with great love.

How can you help?

If you have an idea about a different way you can support Jennings staff or residents during this time, please email the Development Office at or call (216) 581-2900 for Jean Turcu at ext. 2327 or Emily Taylor at ext. 2292.