Family caregivers find support through adult day services

Adult Day Services Support Adults Living at Home

Caregiving is tough. There’s no doubt about it. Caregiver Action Network estimates that 90 million people in the U.S. are providing care to a loved one at home. Jennings Adult Day Services can help these family members with a balance of helping an individual to stay at home as well as supporting family caregivers.

Many families begin searching for care options when they notice a physical or cognitive decline in a loved one.  These declines often create safety risks at home and cause people to question what is best for their family situation.  Spouses will often struggle with what to do when they are feeling overwhelmed, but still want to fulfill their commitment to care for their loved one.  They don’t want to feel like they’re giving up.  Adult children, who are providing more and more care to their aging parents, may struggle with role reversal, of becoming the caregiver for the person that supported them through much of their life. 

Adult day services blend social and medical support, providing stimulation for the adult participating while a spouse or family member can find time to relax or focus on other responsibilities such as work commitments. Participants spend time with a peer group, enjoying activities that provide just the right amount of stimulation while also receiving support such as medication administration. Additional services support the individual and relieve caregivers, such as personal care or the services of specialty physicians.

A typical day in adult day services can vary to some degree depending on the individual’s interests and needs. Activities vary throughout the day for social, physical and cognitive stimulation and can be customized to individual interests as much as possible. Family members often remark that their loved ones who participate in adult day services are less agitated in the evenings because they have spent the day in a positive, productive way.

While families may pay privately for adult day services, there are opportunities to qualify for payment and vary widely, from veterans benefits to community-based programs such as PASSPORT. Jennings Adult Day Services, as well as organizations such as Western Reserve Area on Aging, can help individuals find a program that meets their family’s needs. For additional information, call Jennings at (216) 581-2900.