Saturday, March 14, 2020

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It has been an unimaginable week for all of us. As an organization and as a nation, we have had to make difficult decisions and learn at a rapid pace. We know this is especially difficult for residents and families; our amazing staff shares this weight. But when we turn to Jennings’ values – respect, community, compassion, discovery of potential and celebration of life – please know that we remain committed to these tenets of our mission for those we serve.

Earlier this year, Jennings held staff retreats at each of our locations. These were hour-long opportunities to reflect on our commitment to the values and to each other. It seems like a good opportunity to share with you a brief video of our staff representing our value of community, what it means to them and examples of how we live this value. In this time, we are aware that we belong to each other…as community and as family. We may not be able to do large great things right now, but we can – and will – do small things with great love.

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