Garfield Heights Students of Promise visit Jennings

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Jennings enjoys experiences to connect with students and create opportunities that enable residents to be engaged in the community. Nearly a dozen students from Garfield Heights High School’s Students of Promise USA group joined about 15 older adults from Jennings Hall to embark on an interactive discussion surrounding the topic of African American history earlier this week. Combining intergenerational engagement with technology, this discussion was led by a Paleontology professor from New York via distance learning system at Jennings. Topics of this discussion included prominent African American athletes, activists and non-violent protests, all adding to the educational efforts of last month’s Black History Month celebrations.

The Garfield Heights schools are grateful to have the involvement of Students of Promise, a mentorship program for students to interact with the community, advance their learning and to grow on a personal and academic level. Partnering with Jennings  was a wonderful way to bridge generational gaps and open positive discussions to aid in relationship development between the youth and seniors within the community. 

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