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Friday, January 22, 2016

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The Learning Circle at Jennings is proud of its recent graduates who have moved up to new classes. We are now enrolling children new to our on-site infant and child care. New inquiries may contact Rachiel Kopack, Director of The Learning Circle,
by email:
or by calling (216) 581-2900.

The Learning Circle at Jennings is an enriching infant and child care program caring for ages six weeks through 12 years. A combination of classroom structure and free play fosters a positive environment for learning as well as child development and growth. A creative team of qualified staff members uphold the Jennings mission to encourage positive values and an atmosphere of family spirit serving children on our campus since 1999.


The Learning Circle offers enrichment such as music and arts in addition to a developmentally appropriate curriculum and indoor/outdoor play. The most unique aspect of The Learning Circle is our intergenerational program. Children benefit in many different ways by participating in the intergenerational programs. Pre-schoolers through teens can learn respect for people around them. For adolescents and teens, they may also learn about careers and volunteerism. Children of all ages can learn invaluable history and skills such as fostering empathy and alleviating fears not only toward older adults but also physical handicaps, learning the value of and respect for past generations, and finding value in diversity.


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