Sisters of the Holy Spirit: Life of Prayer

Prayer is essential to discipleship. Dialogue with our God is the most important thing we do each day, several times a day; to keep ourselves attached to the vine which is Christ. It sanctifies our day and gives us the strength and joy needed for our ministry and apostolate.

Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”
John 4:10

Prayer in the life of a Sister of the Holy Spirit takes several forms…

  • Mass daily in our chapel
  • Monthly and Annual Retreats
  • Vocal prayer
  • Prayer before and after meals
  • Silent meditation on the Holy Scripture
  • Prayer upon travel
  • Private personal prayer and devotions

Prayer is asking for this best and highest gift.the gift of his love poured out in our souls by his Holy Spirit, and so a Sister of the Holy Spirit dedicates herself to the practice of prayer in many forms; the fruit of which is to live her vows as an expression of her gratitude and love for his awesome gift.

Mass Daily

We are truly blessed to have a beautiful chapel, in which to worship and receive the Body of the Lord in scripture, sacrament and each other. We are also blessed to have two chaplains that serve both our needs and the needs of our campus community at Jennings.

Vocal Prayer

Vocal prayer is accomplished in the form of the recitation in common of The Liturgy of the Hours (three times daily: Morning, Evening, and Night prayer), and various community prayers to the Holy Spirit, our patron and our community patron saints. Our sisters also pray the rosary daily in common or privately.

Private Prayer and Devotions

We take time daily to nourish ourselves in meditation on the Holy Scriptures and are encouraged to engage in our favorite devotions. Daily spiritual reading supports our spiritual growth. Sisters are encouraged to read The Lives of the Saints and other spiritual works in our well stocked library. A poustinia (our private retreat cabin, Sabbath House) on our grounds also provides a space for more contemplative prayer and reflection. Paraclete Park (literally, our back yard) is an oasis of gardens and statues with a wondering path punctuated with the Stations of the Cross.

Monthly Retreat

Our Sisters take one Sunday per month to make a private, silent retreat. This mini retreat allows us to refresh ourselves and allows the Lord to minister to our souls. Monthly retreat is taken in silence, with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all day and the recitation of the Rosary in common. We also enjoy a conference by our Superior or a guest speaker, or a spiritual talk on tape by one of our contemporary spiritual masters.

Annual Retreat

We take one annual five-day directed or private retreat either at our Motherhouse location or offsite. This retreat is an opportunity for each sister to examine her spiritual progress for the year, expand her knowledge and to spend quiet meditative time listening to the Lord. This retreat is usually directed and our focus and theme changes each year.