What makes Jennings a Catholic organization?

The “Business” of Being Catholic

Our pastoral and spiritual responsibility is demonstrated through the importance we place on attending to the spiritual needs of those we serve, including our staff. Without imposing any particular religious beliefs, we recognize the spiritual dimension of the services that we provide. Research has confirmed that the practice of spiritual disciplines can have a positive medical value and so must be regarded as a significant variable in the overall well being of the person. At Jennings, conversations about the importance of attending to the spiritual needs of a person are openly encouraged and supported amongst our staff and other clinicians.

According to the Catholic Ethical Directives, we have a duty to preserve our life and to use it for the glory of God. However, the duty to preserve life is not absolute, for we may reject life-prolonging procedures that are insufficiently beneficial or excessively burdensome. Supportive care at the end of life is less about medicine and more about care, concern, support, and compassion. The presence of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit at the bedside, as well as other staff members who have been drawn to this ministry by the Sisters’ example, provides information, support, kindness and compassion, in facing the reality of death.

In addressing social responsibility, Catholic health care ministry seeks to contribute to the common good, and exercises responsible stewardship of available resources. Collaboration can be an effective means of such stewardship. Jennings works in active partnership with other religiously sponsored charities, other not-for-profits, and with the civic community, to serve the needs of the community. We try to address emerging issues by developing new collaborative responses, community education, and through advocacy. We recognize that every community has a host of needs that are unlikely to be addressed by for-profit institutions. Communities need stability and continuity of services, in good economic times or bad.

Our Catholic “business” thrives through the adherence to time-honored teachings about the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the human person, as well as our pastoral, spiritual, and social responsibilities in both the Jennings and the larger community.