Jennings renovates rehab suites with fall protection flooring

Friday, May 31, 2019

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The prospect of getting physically stronger now has extra support in Jennings’ Gardenside Rehabilitation: fall protection flooring. Jennings has completed the installation of this specialized flooring in all the rehabilitation suites as part of its recent renovations.

“The new flooring is an added layer of comfort, especially for people who might be a little unsteady as they rehab in preparation to return home,” said Ms. Rosa. “Combined with leading-edge therapy equipment, unique safe movement equipment and innovative practices, Jennings can offer amenities unlike other providers in Northeast Ohio.”

Rachele Rosa, Executive Director of Jennings in Garfield Heights, explained that even with precautions and technology, it is nearly impossible to completely prevent falls. However, studies have shown that fall protection flooring can mitigate up to 60% of severe injury from a fall by absorbing much of the impact instead of the body. Jennings was able to complete the installation thanks to the generosity of foundations and donors at the 2018 Spirit and Splendor event.

At Spirit and Splendor, a Smart Cell representative demonstrated the capabilities of the fall protection flooring. Guests watched as he dropped an egg onto the fall protection flooring; the egg bounced or rolled with no damage. Once the egg reached a standard floor (without fall protection), the egg broke. Watch here:

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