Sisters of the Holy Spirit

The Sisters offer a constant presence on the Jennings campus and take part in everyday activities.

Jennings was founded by the religious community of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

The Sisters of the Holy Spirit are a Roman Catholic Holy Order dedicated to following Christ through a life of love and service. The members of our order currently call Garfield Heights, Ohio their home but perform God’s work throughout the world.

Since the inception of Jennings Hall on March 17, 1942, this small group of women have had a powerful impact on the lives of thousands of elders who have lived here. With the opening of Jennings Hall, the Sisters began a ministry to older adults which continues to this day.

Sisters Play Important Role

In his last will and testament, Monsignor Gilbert Jennings directed the trustee of his estate to ask the Sisters of Notre Dame to own, operate, and maintain a home for the benefit of elderly people. The Sisters of Notre Dame did not feel they could honor the terms of Monsignor Jennings’ will because their mission was in the area of education.

Meanwhile, The Sisters of the Holy Spirit had just closed a small orphanage they had been operating in the houses they owned near E.122nd and Corlett Avenue, because the children moved to the newly opened Parmadale.

The Sisters also owned a piece of farmland in Garfield Heights which, at the request of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, was donated for the purpose of building the home for the elderly that Monsignor Jennings envisioned. At the same time, the Diocese built a convent for the Sisters next to the home. Since the Sisters’ previous ministry had come to an end, they accepted a new ministry to serve the residents of Jennings Hall.

:The Sisters offer a constant presence on the Jennings campus and take part in